When you want to change the entire appearance of your building or want to match only a small section of brick, consider having brick staining or brick restoration done. Brick staining in fact merges old flairs with modern trends. Moreover, the process costs less and even creates lesser mess when compared to brick re-surfacing.

However, there are many people who are not aware of brick staining. There are many individuals who wish to have the color of their bricks changed but do not know that brick staining can actually make this happen.

As per experts, brick staining is actually a painless procedure. The benefits of brick staining involves no creation of dust even when the brick staining is going on. In addition, there is no strong odour which protects you from all kinds of allergies.

However, as per professionals, brick staining is an effectual way of adding different colors to bricks of a property in order to create uniformity.

Imagine a situation, where your house is white in color but you want change its color to brown. However, this is possible through brick staining without removing the bricks.


Brick Staining and Tinting

As you may know, brick can be manufactured with many different textures, and colors. No two batches of brick are exactly the same. If your house or building needs a brick repair, finding an exact match is near to impossible! When this happens, call American Brick Staining, LLC.!

Brick Staining
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Concrete Staining and Tinting

Concrete staining or tinting is much different than painting. Often times, you want the surface texture to show through the color treatment. Other times you may want to hide patchwork or repairs. All of these options can be accomplished with our ABS-7000 Prime stain.

Concrete Staining and Tinting
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Blending Repair

When you need to blend in brick repairs, one color just won’t do the trick!
That’s why American Brick Staining, LLC. specializes in multi-color application processes to make sure your repairs cannot be seen by the naked eye!

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Color Changeover

Whether you  are looking to change your brick from light to dark or dark to light— We have the color solution for you!
Our color technicians used ABS-7000 Prime masonry stain and provided the customer with a 50 year warranty!

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