With time, every building starts deteriorating and displays adverse effects of pollution, age, and natural disasters. However, an effectual way to restore the original glory of the building can be brick staining and masonry color correction services.

A home owner can very well understand the need for brick staining and restoration. Moreover, the owner can also recognise the fact that professionals can bring about a great change in their house’s outer appeal with their expertise. However, faulty workmanship can lead to loss of beauty of the house. Thus, it is always advisable to hire firms which can provide you services like brick staining, brick restoration services, etc.

American Brick Staining, LLC. is one such commercial firm which is based in Baltimore, MD. The company possesses a team of experts who will never allow incompatible color masonry on new buildings, repairs, and restorations. Different useful technologies are used to give a faultless brick staining service.

Moreover,American Brick Staining, LLC. makes use of reliable, safe, pocket friendly brick staging and masonry correction and coating techniques. These techniques assist in resolving all masonry issues in cost-effective manner.

American Brick Staining, LLC. gives solutions for bad masonry repairs, off coloured bricks, graffiti removal, precast caused due to manufacturing process, etc.

In fact, thanks to American Brick Staining, LLC., there is no need to tolerate faulty and off color combinations when it comes to masonry

The company is listed in major local directories and has a good customer base to showcase its services.

Moreover, American Brick Staining, LLC. also provides brick staining services for house furnaces, fire places, and chimneys. Bricks at these said places become black in color as these bricks get exposed to fire and smoke. Thus, these bricks need to be stained after a particular time.


ABS-Prime7000 (Potassium Silicate Stain)

ABS-Prime7000 coatings are waterborne inorganic stains based on potassium silicate binders. Potassium silicate masonry stains have been in use for over a century to provide extremely durable, breathable color coatings on all types of mineral based substrates, including stone, masonry, concrete and cement plaster (stucco).

ABS-Prime7000 coatings are stabilized, reactive formulations which form chemical bonds within the substrate to provide long term color retention and durability.

How do Abs-Prime7000 Potassium Silicate Stain coatings work?

ABS-Prime7000’s potassium silicate binder is produced by fusing potassium carbonate with silica at high temperature. The result is a soluble silicate, which can be dissolved in water to produce a liquid “waterglass”.

Although soluble silicates can be air dried to form a film, maximum water resistance, bond strength and long-term durability depend on chemical reactions with the substrate or added catalysts. Substrates with which silicates can react include:

  • Calcium salts, typically found in Portland cement, lime and calcareous natural stones such as limestone and marble
  • Silica, typically present in siliceous sandstones, silica sand, mortars, concrete and glass
  • Ceramics, including brick and terra-cotta
  • Iron and other metals

When ABS-Prime7000 is applied to suitable substrates, it penetrates and reacts to form a hard, insoluble silicate. It can also increase substrate hardness, particularly in cementitious materials. When applied to materials containing Portland cement, the silicate reacts with incompletely hydrated cement particles, converting unreacted calcium hydroxide (CaOH2 or hydrated lime) to harder calcium silicate hydrates.



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